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7 Behaviors of Great Leaders

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      Duration: 90 Min

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      Course Level: Advanced

This webinar will delve into each behavior that is needed for you to be a great leader. This will include tools to help you assess yourself, develop and design a system of follow up to insure you continue to improve.

Leadership is a noble profession. It all starts by mastering the leadership of self. Then you have the right to start to deliberately influence and lead others. The most effective way to lead is to set the example.

You and I have deeply developed habits of behavior. First we must discover why and how we currently handle the critical behaviors of great leadership. What is our unconscious state of mind when it comes to each habit? What do other people see when they watch us? How do we change and develop new habits?

Objectives of the Presentation

  • What does a great leader look like and act like?
  • How do you live with integrity as a leader?
  • The magic of self-control, growth and caring
  • The primary activities of a great leader
  • How does a great leader treat others?
  • The importance of focused attention
  • It all boils down to 7 basic behaviors

Why should you Attend

You do not need to reinvent the wheel. The marks of great leaders have left a clear trail that you can choose to follow. No matter what level of leadership you are currently at, it is now time to start your focused journey. Even if you do not lead many people, you need to develop these habits for any success you wish to attain. The remarkable thing about these habits is that they are 'not rocket science' they are fundamental, basic and common to all great leaders. The key is to realize where you are now and what exactly you have to change or develop to become a better leader. The journey is never over.

This webinar will give you concrete techniques, philosophical justification and a road map that will be simple for you to follow.

Who will Benefit

  • Vice Presidents and Regional Managers
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Newly Promoted Managers
  • High Potential Employees being groomed for Leadership & Promotions

Guest Speaker


David Rohlander is an internationally recognized speaker, author and executive coach. He has coached executives from Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies and government organizations, with a specialty of working with CEOs. After serving in the US Air Force as a combat fighter pilot and completing an MBA in finance, David joined Merrill Lynch. At Merrill he became a Regional Manager and member of the firm\\\'s Management Advisory Council. In 1979 David founded his own  More Info